8 Oct

I am STILL getting contradictory, ambiguous messages from AW and NOW it seems that even TFO has logged onto my Twitter account and is checking out what I am doing.

Now I happen to know that she and AW are still together despite him grovelling on the phone just a few months ago and telling me that he was unable to live without me.  My goodness, he certainly groveled and begged when I suggested that I might tell TFO, however he is obviously unhinged as he is once again back to writing some classic comments about and to me.

What is quite odd is that TFO actually favourited something on Twitter that I had been mentioned in.  I can only imagine that she favourited this by accident as the notification was removed quite swiftly after it had been posted.  Does the silly woman not realise that she triggered an email to me?  But why on earth would she still be with this man who is so obviously obsessed with me?  Does she have so little pride in herself?  I know that they have recently holidayed  abroad – do they log on to Twitter together and settle down to see what I have posted?

AW continues to comment about my Twitter feed – and has responded to some which my friends have written – but these also trigger an email.  I suspect that he has no idea about this little feature as he has ZERO followers and so nobody will post anything about or to him.    He and his fat bird must both be totally oblivious of the magic of screen shots, lol!

What do you reckon?  Should I take out another injunction against him?  But however much I want AW to stop pestering me, I fear that any action I take can only be detrimental – as it will help him to reinforce his victim status with the children and risk alienating them further from me – if that is indeed possible.

You may ask, why don’t I block him from my Twitter account?  Well I have done that, but blocking a person perversely does not stop them reading your posts or commenting – it just means that the blocker cannot read them.  Friends and family and the wider world can still see his comments.

I now divert all messages from AW which he sends via WhatsApp,  text and email into a folder  without reading them.  I have discovered that they have less effect on me if I choose when and if to open and read them.  When I get messages from AW, I do wonder if I perhaps over react to the content but now with time, he has less and less power to hurt me.  I keep telling myself that nobody could be so callous to intentionally post some of the things that he does, nor be so calculating and manipulative with words.  I convince myself that he is too dense to layer multiple meanings within his messages and in the main they roll off me without any effect.  The only ones that still have the potential to hurt are his comments about the children.

Things took a turn for the worst again recently when AW took another pot-shot direct to members of my family.  He sent a spiteful message about me to a seventy five year old relative.  I cannot comprehend what is going on in AW’s mind.  He claims to miss me and to want me back yet he hate me for leaving him.  That I can deal with but how low can he stoop when he continues to send upsetting messages to my dad?

a large bug in the ointment

a large bug in the ointment

Judge for yourself!  Below is a small sample of what goes on in his head and what he has recently posted about or to me.  My thoughts on his comments are in italics, although I have no intention of replying to him – as that is exactly what he wants.  He must be driving himself mad wondering how I react to his ramblings – you may formulate your own opinion about him

Our 30th anniversary today.  Sad for me even if you don’t care.

No, I don’t frigging care!  We are divorced.  You put me through hell.  And it WOULD have been our 30th anniversary if we were still married.  But we are not!

Me and the kids are waiting for you…….. we come as a family.  How badly do you want them?

What can I possibly say about this one!!

Just seen a documentary about Richard Burton and Liz Taylor.  It could be us

What – dead?  Or do you mean that we could remarry each other?

I am trying my best to get you and the children in contact with each other.  You might not like it but the way to get through to me is initially via me

Still acting as gatekeeper then? They are grown up with their own email addresses and phone numbers. Have you ‘ordered’ them not to respond to my messages unless you have been able to vet them first?

The above are just a small selection from his latest bombardment.  I don’t believe that he will ever stop as he thrives on bitterness and nastiness but I have an invisible shield around me now.  He no longer has the power to hurt me and can only destroy himself trying.  Yet he continues to try.

Just yesterday he directly responded to a post that BF had put on his twitter feed.  Just who the hell does he think he is that he can write insulting things about me on a public forum?  I repeat again, we are divorced

I recently hinted on Twitter that I may need to consider another injunction – but I also hinted that perhaps TFO should be included too if she is going to begin to stalk me.  Her comments suddenly mysteriously disappeared.  i doubt she has a conscience but perhaps she has some common sense.  In this technical age, comments don’t simply disappear – they can always be retrieved.


4 Responses to “WTF!”

  1. Terri Nixon October 8, 2013 at 1:31 pm #

    Great title, and very very apt! I’m wondering if TFO is actually spying on AW, which is why she favourited your tweet; so she could find it again and keep tabs on anything that might occur? What a sad little existence! I don’t know enough about injunctions to suggest whether it’s a good idea to take out another one, but instinct says you’re handling it brilliantly without the need to risk giving him any more ammunition re; your children. As long as you can carry on the way you are, and have the support you need, I hope you don’t need to take that step.
    I’m so sorry to hear your dad has been targetted, that’s just not fair, and it puts added pressure on you too, which is unforgiveable.

    • Scarlet Jones October 8, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

      That is an angle that I hadn’t considered. I do know that just last week TFO and AW were on holiday together but maybe you are right – maybe she is not watching me but watching him. I like that – it puts a far more positive angle on things. I really struggled about whether to post this – but it was worth it for your comment alone. Thank you – and with the support of my good friends who believe in me I will continue to rise above his nonsense xx

      • Don Garside October 9, 2013 at 10:21 am #

        Dear Jane,Your whole family,Uncles,Aunts,Cousins ,Sister and Parents want nothing to do with your ex.He has completely alienated himself solely by his own actions.You have something he hasn’t. LOVE.The whole family and your friends love you. This love permeates to the children.Children? Adults who one day will hopefully realise this too. Love Mum and Dad xx

  2. Ali P October 8, 2013 at 9:07 pm #

    AAARRRGGGHHHHH…..AW and TFO wish they would just disappear and leave you alone to reconcile with your children….

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