Anti-bullying policy? Don’t make me laugh

11 Oct

I work in an educational establishment which claims to abhor discrimination or bullying, advertises with pride its anti-bullying policy and has a pool of harassment advisers.  All good so far!

However the institution looks set to lose yet another valuable member of staff due to the managements’ inability to contain and control its staff.  If you drill down deeper, the responsibility must lie with the management who condone the actions of staff by actively participating in the bullying themselves or by turning a blind eye to the situation, they are complicit in the behaviours which are endemic on the campus.  I was distressed to learn this week of yet another colleague and friend who cannot face going in to work at the moment, and she is not the first who has been driven to the edge by a group of people who I refer to as ‘the coven’.

Talking to her about her situation brought back many dreadful memories of my experiences a couple of years ago.  Yes, there are practices in place to help staff, but generally speaking, when you feel isolated and vulnerable and are being bullied, you are rarely in a place to make rational decisions about your employment rights or can consider taking on those in power higher up the chain.  It is only later on, that when having battled through and survived, you have the strength to take action, but by then it can be too late to get justice.

I was bullied in work for twelve months until eventually  I finally felt strong enough to make a stand. I parted with £10 to obtain my complete staff record as was my right under the Data Protection Act, only to discover that there was in fact, no record of my life in that organisation for those twelve months.  All the events which had made my life a living hell had been deleted, shredded or more likely, had never even made it into my file in the first place.  However, whilst the HR manager at the time may have chosen to ‘lose’ my letter of complaint and correspondence was not filed, staff should remember that emails work two ways and I always saved and printed my copies. I expect that the dozen or so members of staff involved feel smug and no doubt believe that their actions against me were justified, but I am convinced that as my story is gradually revealed they will be embarrassed and their judgmental ways will come to haunt them.  I call them the coven.

The best revenge is a good success.


2 Responses to “Anti-bullying policy? Don’t make me laugh”

  1. Terri Nixon October 12, 2012 at 2:08 pm #

    Wow – I knew there had been trouble but had no idea of the depth of it 😦 I think I know which member of staff you’re referring to as having handed in her notice, and I’m really sad about it. Hopefully there will be a big shake-up next summer and “the coven” will be disbanded to a degree – maybe with some different faces in charge it won’t feel quite so much the brick wall it has done, to get the right response.

  2. peacock30 October 13, 2012 at 6:51 am #

    It was a total coincidence that a member of staff happened to resign at the time that I posted this. I do not know whether the member of staff that you are referring to has ever been subjected to bullying, but my friend is still employed, albeit signed off sick. If there were a robust anti-bullying scheme in place, the dots could be joined up and the link would be made between similar instances, and if there were a robust management team in place, action would be taken to prevent these re-occurring and the perpetrators would be reprimanded.

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