Shit happens!

3 Sep

This story starts at a point which strictly speaking is not the beginning, but is the point at which my life irrevocably changed.  I had been struggling with the massive decision of walking out on my marriage of twenty five years for a long time when an innocent comment from a virtual stranger catapulted me into a series of events which have led to the best and the worst experiences of my life.

I have already listed some of the high points in a previous post even though from a time perspective they occurred later.  By listing them first I wanted to reinforce the message that, despite all of the shit which has happened to me and to those close to me, is that life is amazing and is there for the taking.  I could never have done it alone and I have some amazing friends and family, but I also have an inner belief in myself and a determination to get the most out of my life as I am able to.

The following are some of the major negative experiences from the last three years.

  • I literally ran from my marriage with just two suitcases containing some basic possessions and lived in friends’ spare rooms for several months.
  • I was denied access to my home, its contents and my possessions
  • I was forced to move to another office, was bullied in work, subjected to harassment and ‘sent to Coventry’ which was condoned by management.
  • My ex was arrested, prosecuted and found guilty of harassment, was fined and issued with an injunction.
  • My children severed all contact with me, choosing to believe the lies that their father and others fed them
  • The police have been involved on numerous occasions
  • A serious relationship fell apart when I was at my lowest ebb, leading to an emotional breakdown
  • Personal items of sentimental value which had been given to me by my grandparents have been either sold or destroyed

However, I have to believe in that old adage that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and whilst I cannot deny that I have gone through hell and back, compared to what many other people are going through it is peanuts.  I have made new friends and have new colleagues, I am happy and life is looking bright



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